Music composer - Producer - Songwriter

Louis is a French-Swedish music composer living in NYC.
He has been playing the piano since he can remember and he started to compose music at a very young age, quite instinctively. He was naturally attracted to it, and he quickly started to spend all his free time writing music. 

Over the years he became passionate about composing music, and he never stopped working on it. At the same time, he graduated from a Master's degree in Marketing/Communication and he has worked for 3 years in this field. That's how he discovered his passion for scoring to picture.


Louis is now working as a Composer and Assistant Sound Engineer at Pulse Music, a New York studio located in the heart of Chelsea specialized in creating original compositions for commercials, TV and films. The studio works with many renowned advertising agencies (Ogivly, Publicis...) and brands (IBM, AT&T, Google...) and has scored the latest M&Ms campaign for the Oscars 2020 TV show.